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“You don’t have to be great to start…you have to start to be great!”

Designed for young men from the ages of 13 to 17 years.

Our mission is to set the example through proprietary coaching techniques, exemplary leadership and positive affirmations to develop young men to embrace their masculinity and use their natural prowess to become an Alpha Leader in life, relationships, and business.

Our goal is to empower young men to have full confidence in themselves to tackle any challenge during their lives, regardless of the difficulty, and prevail. We want to see young men become high achievers in school, their chosen profession, relationships, and society.

We want to see your sons, our future leaders and protectors, become the men that legends are written about intelligent, strong, courageous, and magnanimous.

Men with power, prestige, poise, respect for others, honor, and love for all living things. Warrior spirits embodied in capable vessels that have a command presence wherever they go. They will be respected by family and friends, admired by their peers, feared by those with bad intentions and revered by all. Send us your young men and we will help develop them to becoming statures of society that we can all be proud of.

“When I looked into having someone coach my 15 year old son I was unsure on who to trust with such a task. After talking to Joe and Dale the choice was obvious. These men embody what a real man should be. Their values, morals and ability to influence young men to be all they can be is nothing short of astonishing. They are humble, quiet professionals that have an amazing ability to connect with young adults.”

Jennifer L.

All parents want the very best for their children. They want them to grow into morally strong, productive,
successful and respected adults. In today’s ever challenging world, youth of today fight many battles on
many fronts to succeed. Sadly, if unprepared, these battles can debilitate them severely at an early and
impressionable age that can damage them for years to come.

Tier 1 Performance Coaching understands that the youth of today, more so now than ever, need the
proper mentoring and leadership to build a solid foundation for the future. We consider our youth clients
our future leaders, and they need the proper training and guidance to compete in a very competitive world.

• Do you want your son to gain confidence? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want your son to excel in sports? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want your son to do better in school? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want your son to set goals for himself, and achieve them? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want your son to grow up to be a pillar of society? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want your son to excel in the military? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want your son to lose weight? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want your son to become a professional athlete? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want your son to succeed in relationships? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want to inoculate your son from criminal behavior? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!
• Do you want to bully proof your son? WE CAN SHOW HIM HOW!

“The strength of the pack is the wolf.  The strength of the wolf is the pack.”



“My son’s confidence was nonexistent for many years.   I was frustrated and unsure what route to take in order to help him see his full potential.   I looked at numerous performance coaching companies to work with him. Hands down, Tier 1’s credentials and experiences made the rest look like a bunch of armatures.”    

Lisa M.                                                                                 

I can’t tell you how amazing this process has been for my son.  He has come so far since we first started working with Tier 1. I owe Dale and Joe a debt of gratitude that I will not be able to repay.  Thank you.”

Stephanie P.

“Who would have thought that two men that I have never met would be such an amazing influence on my son Trevor.  I have to be honest, I gave these guys 10% of my trust. They certainly earned the other 90%!”

Rhonda S.

“To have my son coached by such a professional organization like Tier 1 Performance Coaching was indeed a blessing.   I’m astonished at just what 8 weeks did for my son Ben. I would have never thought it possible.”                       

Karen C.