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Meet Joe Teti

Co-Founder & Tier 1 Performance Coach


As a kid growing up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, there was not much to do. Much of my time was spent outside in the woods where I felt most comfortable. Having no brothers or sisters, and parents that divorced when I was 7 left me with the harsh reality that anything I wanted in this life was going happen only if I made it happen. Growing up dirt poor in a highly dysfunctional family traumatized me at a very early age that life isn’t always fair. We had no car until my aunt and uncle gave a car to my parents, and old Rambler. The electricity in our house was an on again off again event. I had to steal my clothes out of a Goodwill box at the end of our street to have decent clothes to go to school in. I was the proverbial 99 pound weakling in high school. I didn’t want to be there and my grades showed it. Looking back I am lucky I even graduated at all. In 11th grade I lost my mother tragically.

Her death crushed what support mechanism I had at that time. My father who was the epitome of “tough love” gave little support in helping me overcoming such a devastating loss at such a young age. My escape was the military. Ten days after graduating from high school I found myself at Marine Corps boot camp Parris Island SC. It was there that my journey to excel in all things was cemented in stone. It was also there that I learned that to excel and perform at high levels required several things. First and foremost was the MINDSET to excel, which was something completely new to me. It took some time to understand what that truly meant, but when the “light bulb went off”; it set the course for the rest of my life.

Having served in 3 special operations units, each one taking me higher up the food chain, my ability to perform at higher and higher levels was not only a job requirement, but a life saving ability. In war, mistakes are usually repaid with severe penalties. This is not in the form of loss of income or market share, but in the form of lost lives. Peak performance was the standard not the exception. You either met it, or you were asked to leave. It was that simple. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with the most physically and mentally tough individuals on the planet. These over achievers taught me how to raise the bar in my own life, and how to hold myself accountable in all things that I do. Does this mean I have succeeded at everything I have done? Absolutely not. I have had my fair share of failures and life disasters.

I have fallen flat on my face many times. I have been financially wiped out, twice and had to rebuild my life from scratch late in life. I have lost many friends in war and to suicide after returning home. I have been stolen from, manipulated, lied to and betrayed by those closest to me. Over the course of my life I have sustained numerous injuries to include 3 major concussions, 1 requiring surgery for a cracked skull, torn rotator cuff, 102 stitches to my left forearm from being run over by a boat, numerous broken fingers and toes, 2 shrapnel wounds while serving in Afghanistan (1 to my ribs and 1 to my knee) and last but not least, I was hit by a car riding my bike that resulted in a broken ankle, broken wrist, 3 broken ribs, bruised kidney, dislocated shoulder and a grade 4 concussion. In spite of my injuries, of which several plague me to this day, I do not use them as a crutch or excuse not to perform in athletic endeavors.

No matter the situation, I apply a few time tested, battle proven techniques that have never failed me, and pull me out of bad situations and refocuses my life. And they will not fail you if you apply them to your life. The point I am trying to make is this. My knowledge is based purely on real world experiences, not by reading some book or taking some course on how to be a “life coach”. I will consider it an honor and privilege to share my knowledge with you and coach you to peak performance!

Best Regards,

Joseph N. Teti

  • US Marines (2nd Force Recon)
  • US Army Special Forces “Green Beret”
  • Operative in Government Counter-Terrorist Unit
  • DA (Direct Action) combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Stockbroker for Bear Stearns
  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Co-Star of the hit show “Dual Survival” on The Discovery Channel
  • Reality TV show producer
  • Author, Lone Operator – How to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Age
  • Competitive Triathlete
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Cyber Currency Trader
  • Seasoned Entrepreneur
  • Brand Ambassador and Pro Athlete for CardioStrong

Meet Dale Comstock

Co-Founder & Tier 1 Performance Coach


My father joined the army when he was 17 with an 11th grade education and married my German mother that had a 9th grade education. I grew up in the military culture and was quite comfortable with it. After my father retired, we settled down in Sacramento California. Nobody on either side of my parent’s family had a college education and my father wanted me to be the first. To his disappointment I joined the Army because I knew that he couldn’t afford to send me to college, and I didn’t want to burden him with the cost.

My career in the U.S. Army was nothing less than action-packed excitement. I served as an Airborne Infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon, 325th Airborne Infantry, a ‘Green Beret’ Light and Heavy Weapons expert and A-Team Senior Sergeant with the 3rd Special Forces Group, and 10 years with 1st SFOD-D (DELTA FORCE) as an Assault Team Leader, Assault Troop Sergeant, Interim acting Troop Commander, and team explosives-breaching technician. I was decorated twice for valor for combat actions before 911 with pre and post 911 combat deployments to Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. I have over 500 combat missions that spans over 34 years in direct ground combat with the enemy in the most extreme of circumstances.

To my father’s surprise I ended up with a Bachelors Degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management, and a Doctorate in Natural Health and Alternative Medicine. All this while simultaneously serving as a full-time warrior, husband, father, small business owner, and college student. Anything is possible if you manage time, prioritize work and play, and stay mission focused!

In spite of my injuries stemming from blast injuries, fragmentation wounds, helicopter crashes, head injuries, and more, I have never been healthier, more productive, and more motivated to live and reach all of my life goals.

Upon Leaving the service I was a contract paramilitary operative for OGA supporting the Global War on Terrorism for almost 10 years. I recruited, trained, and lead highly classified and uniquely trained strike teams to pursue, capture or kill terrorists around the globe. Concurrently, I started three companies that I successfully managed, selling one of them to G4S and the other to Intrepid Global Security. The third company is still operational in Bali Indonesia where we provide explosive, narcotic and patrol K9s for resort properties and other security services.

Since my retirement I remain very active. I started 3 companies, written several books and competed as a body builder and professional boxer. I was featured on Discovery Channel’s ‘One-Man Army’, NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes with Terry Crews, FX Legit and the Librarians, and hundreds of radio shows. I travel the world coaching and mentoring people to be better versions of themselves. My mission is help you become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Best Regards,

Dale Comstock

  • Doctor of Natural Health
  • Master of Arts in Business and OrganizationalSecurity
  • Professor – Intelligence Management
  • US Army DELTA FORCe operator
  • “OGA” Paramilitary operative
  • Explosives and Weapons Expert
  • Professional Boxer – License 035591
  • 6th Degree Black Belt American Open Karate
  • 1st Degree Black Belt JuJitsu
  • NPC Competitive Bodybuilder – Masters Heavyweight
  • Author “American Badass”, “Devils Breath-Angels Trumpet”
  • Business Owner, Strategic Outcomes Indonesia
  • Movie Producer, Actor, Stuntman

OPERATION 2.0 | Building a Better You!

Why Tier 1 Performance Coaching?

We take a holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit / Ether) approach to performance coaching. It is impossible to achieve top performance without all 3 of these elements. A simple example is a car. You may be a great driver, but if the engine and transmission isn’t working, you’re going nowhere. Your body is exactly the same.

The value that Tier 1 brings to our coaching sessions is based on real world life experiences that we have had to navigate and over come through trial and error. Let’s face it folks, the “book answer” rarely applies to what the real world answer is. In our opinion, 95% of the “performance coaches” out there are coaching from a “I checked the block and got the certification” perspective. What have they done personally with their lives, performance wise, that gives them the ability to help others? Here’s the bottom line….if they haven’t performed at high levels, what makes you think they can teach you how to? Guess what… they can’t. To believe so is not only foolish, but can very counter productive and a waste precious time and money.

For those of us that have lived our lives in endeavors and careers that did not allow for mediocrity, but required top performance, the intrinsic value of our real world experiences and accomplishments are priceless. Two of the most damaging words in the English language are “good enough”. That type of mindset is the first thing that needs to be adjusted when it comes to optimal performance, regardless of the situation. Be it work, relationships, sports etc.


Almost everyone sets goals, or has set a goal at one time or another in their life. The question is, did they reach it? IF they did or did not what were the variables that decided the outcome? In order to reach a desired goal in your life, no matter what it is, you need to apply a simple acronym, SMART. Regardless of the goal, it needs to be one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

As your performance coach, we will teach you how to set Micro Goals that will ultimately lead to achieving your desired goal, AND hold you accountable during the process. Being held accountable is paramount to a successful relationship with a performance coach.

Here is our formula for optimal performance.

Motivation + Strategies + Accountability = Results

Like the fitness triad… Nutrition, Exercise, Recovery….all parts must be addressed or the formula will not work. One without the other is useless. Our performance coaching involves a minimum of a 8 week commitment because real change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedicated time and effort to see the results you want. Some of the topics we will discuss will be:

Developing a Warrior Mindset
Performance Nerves
Self – Talk and Language
Negative Beliefs
Eliminating the “What If’s”
Challenging Negative Thoughts
Dealing with Set- Backs
Coping with Pressure
How to focus in High Pressure Situations
Strategies for Competition
Performance Goals and Long Term Goals
Relaxation and Recovery
Micro Goals
The Power of Positive Thinking

We offer a free no obligation introductory session so that you can decide whether this is for you. Call us at (704) 654-5112 to set up a phone appointment to discuss your particular needs. We look forward to speaking with you.


The core of Tier 1 Performance Coaching is centered around a human trait that we all have, but very few develop. Will power…or better yet, the warrior mindset.



control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.

Without the proper will power, NOTHING a performance coach tells you will come to fruition. Nothing. It’s like putting gas in a car that has a broken engine. You’re going nowhere. All the fancy flow charts, performance graphs and technical terms will have little effect if you’re not prepared mentally to make it happen. But there is more to it that just having exceptional will power. You MUST bring a bit more to bare to achieve maximum performance. A warrior mindset.

The founder’s of Tier 1 Performance Coaching are veterans of both military and government special operations units. They have seen firsthand, and lived lives that required top performance, 100% of the time, in the most unforgiving and extreme circumstances. The penalty for lack of performance was usually loss of life. How is it that individuals that serve in such units are able to consistently achieve things that most people see as impossible, both physically and mentally? Where failure is not an option.

One of the most formidable skills a person can possess is a “warrior mindset”. It is the more mindful and self-aware individual that will gain the powerful peak performance “edge” in today’s highly competitive and driven world, be it in the boardroom, locker room or battlefield. Regardless of your chosen profession, the ability to harness a warrior mindset can be the difference between success and failure, and for some, life and death. Your deepest thoughts are either working for you, or they are working against you. It’s just that simple.


Often misquoted and misunderstood, a warrior mindset is more than aggressiveness and determination; it is about overcoming challenge and adversity, maintaining a positive image of yourself and your abilities, as well as managing fear and stress for optimal performance. It’s about possessing, understanding, and being able to utilize a set of psychological and physical skills that allow someone to be effective, adaptive, and persistent. It also allows someone to use optimal decision making, psychological techniques, physical skills learned in training and by experience.

Tier 1 Performance Coaching uses a proprietary technique called Psychosoma Training that allows us to tap into once unknown reserves of energy, motivation, discipline and focus to obtain optimal performance for our clients.

It goes without saying those who know how to cultivate and use this skill have a decisive advantage over those who do not, be it in business or the battlefield.


We also understand that no matter how much advice, information, support and feedback you get from a performance coach, there are 3 things that the person being coached must internalize to be successful.

They MUST:

1. Relate to the coach

2. Believe in the coach

3. Respect the coach

This is the cornerstone of our company. If our clients do not relate, believe and respect their coach, you cannot expect optimal performance.